A Register of Liberty Seated Dollar Varieties

By Dick Osburn and Brian Cushing

The comprehensive reference, coming soon. This highly-illustrated work will include detailed information about Liberty Seated Dollars, including all known varieties and die marriages, rarity ratings on a date-by-date and die marriage basis, and detailed information on attributing your coins.

The contents of the book will include:

  • Introduction to this book
  • Terminology
  • Collecting Liberty Seated Dollars
  • Grading
  • A discussion of proofs versus business (circulation) strikes
  • A discussion of proof restrikes
  • Survival rates and population estimates
  • Die nomenclature, die states, and die rotation
  • Date-by-date Analysis, including all known varieties and die marriages
  • Glossary of terms
  • References
As this is written (February 1, 2016) the complete content of the book has been documented on this web site. It has not been thoroughly reviewed, so you'll find typos and other issues. We'll be doing this review in the next two months. We hope to have the web book complete and accurate by the spring Whitman Expo in Baltimore, near the end of March. As soon as we think we're there we'll remove the disclaimer that appears at the top of each page. Even at that point there will still be numerous TBD's on die marriage rarity ratings. We expect the research required to replace these TBD's with accurate rarity estimates may take up to a year.

We plan to have the written version of the book available by the 2017 Winter FUN show, this coming January. The book will come in two versions - a hard-bound copy, and a loose-leaf copy suitable for adding updates in the future. We'll begin accepting pre-publication subscriptions for the hard-bound issue this summer, and for the loose-leaf issue in the fall.

Until the books are released we hope that Seated Dollar collectors will make good use of this web site to attribute their dollars and provide us feedback on any new discoveries. New discoveries will be documented on the web site with credit given to the discoverer. We also hope that you'll provide us with feedback on potential improvements to the web site that could improve either the information content or the ways in which it is accessed.

Copyright 2015-2021, by Dick Osburn and Brian Cushing, All rights reserved.