A small group of people deserve special recognition for the roles they played in helping create this book and the accompanying web site.

Ruth Osburn

Ruth deserves a tremendous amount of credit for facilitating the completion of this book and web site. With no complaining she allowed Dick to retreat to his man-cave for countless hours for a period which extended over more than three years. Most wives would have rebelled. We are forever in her debt for allowing this effort to move to completion.

John Frost

Without John’s tremendous knowledge and amazing patience our web site would still be just an idea. John built the format from scratch and translated it into templates which even computer illiterates such as ourselves could manipulate. He also played a key role in reviewing both the book and the web site content.

Gerry Fortin

Gerry originated the idea of documenting Liberty Seated die marriages and varieties via a web site. Without his vision we’d have never gone there.

Bill Bugert and Randy Wiley

Bill and Randy’s wonderful original work on Seated Half Dollars was the inspiration that led Dick Osburn to form his collection of Seated Halves. It was that collection that led to his love of Liberty Seated coinage in general, and to his desire to document this most under-appreciated and under-studied Liberty Seated series.

Stephen Petty

Stephen is a true numismatist. He hasn’t just collected Seated dollars, he’s studied them in depth, Stephen and his son Mark built the M&S set of Seated Dollars, the second finest set ever assembled. Stephen gave us full access to this set during the development of this reference, and also reviewed a final copy of our manuscript, providing many useful comments that were incorporated into the final draft.

Other notable contributors

Greg Shishmanian reviewed preliminary copies of the manuscript and provided many useful comments and suggestions. Dan Duncan of Pinnacle Rarities provided images of the proof dollars in the Scott Manke Collection. This collection, which includes examples of all the early proofs, was a valuable reference.

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