Rarity Ratings

This book includes an estimated rarity rating for each date and for each die marriage within that date. Rarity ratings are described by the Sheldon Rarity Scale, depicted in the table below.

Rarity Rating Estimated Number of Existing Coins
R8 1-3
R7+ 4-6
R7 7-9
R7- 10-12
R6+ 13-18
R6 19-24
R6- 25-30
R5+ 31-46
R5 47-63
R5- 64-80
R4+ 81-120
R4 121-160
R4- 161-200
R3+ 201-300
R3 301-400
R3- 401-500
R2 501-1250
R1 1251 or more
The Sheldon Rarity Scale

A rarity may be listed as “unconfirmed” if we have not found conclusive evidence that a date or die marriage exists. An example is the 1873-S, which has a mintage record but no known examples. We also use this listing for die marriages which have been documented in previously published references but which we’ve been unable to confirm, either by direct examination or by reviewing auction records. An example is our 1852 die marriage OC-2.

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