1840 OC-2
Repunched Stars - Top 30 Variety

Die Pair 2 - B
Date Grid JL of C / 4-2.0 / Level
Obverse Die States a
Estimated Rarity R4+
1, 0 Vertical H, H
Reverse Die States a, b, c

   This is the only use of Obverse 2 and only use of Reverse B.

Obverse 2

The photo below shows the Obverse 2 attribution grid.

1840 Obverse 2 attribution grid

We’ve identified this variety as the “Repunched Stars” variety and included it in our Top 30 variety list. The repunching is visible as notching on the upper left star points.

1840 Obverse 2 - Repunched stars

Obverse 2 Die States
  1. Perfect die.
No later die states have been observed.

Reverse B

1840 Reverse B is similar to Reverse A. Vertical shield lines 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3 extend into the horizontal lines. However, none of the verticals extend significantly across the lower border, although several poke just slightly across. Additional die markers are several light die lines near the top of shield recesses 2 and 3, and just above the middle of shield
recess 4.

1840 Reverse B die markers

Reverse B Die States
  1. Perfect die.
  2. A light radial die crack from the denticles to the lower arrow head, just grazing the right side of the lower serif of the L in DOL.
  3. The die crack is heavier.
No later die states have been observed.

Photo credits:

Obverse 2 and Reverse B:   NGC AU53, from the Osburn-Cushing reference collection.

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