1849 OC-P2
Original Proof

Die Pair P1 PA
Date Grid JL of RE / 4-4.5 /Level
Obverse Die States a
Estimated Rarity R8
1, 9 Vertical H, H
Reverse Die States a

   This is the second and final use of Obverse P1 and the only use of Reverse PA.

Obverse P1

The next photo shows the Obverse P1 attribution grid.

1849 Obverse P1 attribution grid

Obverse P1 has few notable markers, but the date position is farther right than Obverse 1, so its relatively easy to separate the two dies.

Obverse P1 Die States
  1. Perfect die.
No later die states have been observed.

Reverse PA

We have not had an opportunity to personally examine an example of this reverse die, so comments are based on photos from the Heritage archives. We have not been able to identify this die as used in any other years. The extensions of vertical shield lines 1-2 and 1-3 and horizontal shield line 1 are very notable, even though they're not very visible in the Heritage photo. The die also appears to be almost completely unfinished in the shield recesses except for the upper portions.

Reverse 1849 PA shield line extensions

Reverse 1849 PA Die States
  1. Perfect die.
No later die states have been observed.

Photo credits:

Obverse P1:   1849 NGC PR67, finest known, ex. Phil Kaufman, from the Heritage archives.
Reverse PA:   1849 NGC PR64*, from the Heritage archives.

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