1860-O OC-1

Die Pair 1 - 1859-O B
Date Grid RE / 4-4.0 / VS up
Obverse Die States a, c, d
Estimated Rarity R1
1, 0 Vertical VSL, C
Reverse Die States c

   This is the only use of Obverse 1 and the first of two uses of Reverse 1859-O B in 1860.
Reverse 1859-O B is transitional, first used to strike two die marriages in 1859.

Obverse 1

The photo below shows the Obverse 1 attribution grid.

1860-O Obverse 1 attribution grid

This obverse displays no major markers, but the date position should be enough to allow definitive attribution. Itís the farthest left of any of the 1860-O dates. Though similar to Obverse 2, the date is level, with a 1 thatís very slightly low; whereas Obverse 2 slants very slightly down, and the 1 is slightly high. A minor marker is noted by the arrow on the photo. A light line in the skirt, possibly an MPD or just a lint mark in the die, can be noted above the space between 60. This may aid in confirming the attribution.

Obverse 1 Die States
  1. Perfect die.
  2. Research after publication of the First Edition of this book determined that this die state doesnít exist.
  3. Heavy clash marks in Miss Liberty's lap.
  4. Faint die cracks through the stars.
No later die states have been observed.

Reverse 1859-O B

The photo below shows the mintmark position for Reverse 1859-O B.

Reverse 1859-O B mintmark

Reverse 1859-O B exhibits several die lumps in the upper left shield recesses, shown below. The most notable is the small dot at the top of recess #1. This is visible on most mid- to high-grade examples.

Reverse 1859-O B die markers

Reverse 1859-O B Die States
  1. Perfect die.
  2. Light die clash marks are visible in the shield recesses.
  3. A light radial die crack passes through the right side of T2. Light die cracks surround much of the reverse.
  4. Die polished. The markers are less evident.
No later die states have been observed. OC-1 is found only with reverse die state c.

Photo credits:

Obverse 1:   1860-O ANACS MS62, from the Osburn-Cushing reference collection.
Reverse 1859-O B:   1859-O NGC MS60 CAC Gold, from the Osburn-Cushing reference collection.

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