1868 OC-P1
Original Proof
18 on Rim, Repunched 1
Proof MPD-001 - Top-30 Variety

Die Pair P1 - 1866 PA
Date Grid JL of C / 5-1.5 / Down
Obverse Die States a
Estimated Rarity R4
1, 8 Vertical H, C
Reverse Die States a

   This is the only use of Obverse P1 and the first of two uses of Reverse 1866 PA in 1868.
Reverse PA is transitional, used to strike at least one proof die pair in every year from 1866 through 1870.

Obverse P1

The photo below shows the Obverse P1 attribution grid. This die displays an unusual MPD, the top of an errant 18 on the rim below the date. These numerals are indicated by the arrows in the photo. An additional feature is minor repunching on the 1. We’ve made this unusual MPD one of our Top-30 varieties.

1868 Obverse P1 attribution grid
and misplaced 18 on rim

Obverse P1 Die States
  1. Perfect die.
No later die states have been observed.

Reverse 1866 PA

Reverse PA can be quickly identified by the heavy die line under GOD in the motto. Lesser die lines are visible passing through the center of N and the center of WE. Note that these die lines can be difficult to see in a picture if the lighting isn't right. Numerous die lines and lumps are also visible in the unfinished areas around the leaves. These are shown in the photos below.

Reverse 1866 PA die lines in motto

Reverse 1866 PA die lines near leaves

Reverse 1866 PA Die States
  1. Perfect die.
  2. The die lines and unfinished areas near the leaves have been significantly reduced by die polishing.
OC-P1 has been found only with reverse die state a. However, the die lines near the leaves are a little weaker due to die polish, though still clearly visible. Both OC-P1 and OC-P2 are often weekly struck at the top of the eagle’s left wing, more so OC-P1.

Photo credits:

Obverse P1:   1868 PCGS PR61, from the Osburn-Cushing reference collection.
Reverse 1866 PA:   1866 PCGS PR61, from the Osburn-Cushing reference collection.

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