1872 OC-11
Misplaced Digit in Denticles - Top-30 Variety

Die Pair 8 - B
Date Grid L QTR / 5-3.0 / Level
Obverse Die States a
Estimated Rarity R4+
1, 2 Vertical H, H
Reverse Die States c

   This is the first of three uses of Obverse 8 and the fourth and final use of Reverse B.

Obverse 8

The photo below shows the Obverse 8 attribution grid. The misplaced digit, likely the top of a 7, but possibly a 2 or 8, is visible deep in the denticles beneath the right side of the prominent 7. We’ve made this variety one of our Top-30. Since this obverse is shared by OC-10, OC-11, and OC-12, any of the three die marriages will fill this Top-30 slot.

1872 Obverse 8 attribution grid
and misplaced digit

Obverse 8 Die States
  1. Perfect die.
No later die states have been observed.

Reverse B

Reverse B shows one notable lump between the upright and the right serif of the first T in TRUST, probably caused by die rust. Several die lines around TR in TRUST can also be seen on most mid- to high-grade examples. These are indicated by the arrows in the following photo.

1872 Reverse B lump
and die lines in motto

Reverse B Die States
  1. Perfect die.
  2. A faint die crack at the base of OL extends to the period.
  3. The die crack now extends left through the base of the D in DOL.
OC-11 has been found with only with reverse die state b.

Photo credits:

Obverse 8:   1872 NGC AU55, from the Heritage archives.
Reverse B:   1872 PCGS AU53, from the Osburn-Cushing reference collection.

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