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1850-O is a semi-key date in the Liberty Seated Dollar series, part of the low mintage run of coins minted in the 1850ís. With a mintage ranking of 22nd out of 47 the collector would expect that it would be easy to locate, but thatís only partially true. 1850-O dollars are scarce, though a little more available than their P-mint counterparts in the early to mid-1850ís. Nice problem-free examples can be located, but patient searching is required. The good news is that coins of this date are in general more eye appealing than some of the other dates in this timeframe. Lower grade examples, VF or less, are much more available than Philadelphia coins from the 1850ís. Apparently coins in the New Orleans area circulated more than their Philadelphia counterparts.

Mint state examples are very rare. Fewer than 30 examples have received a mint state grade at any level from the two major grading services, and a few of those examples are surely re-submissions. Choice examples are truly rare, virtually unobtainable. In MS63 or better this is one of the toughest dates in the entire series. The highest currently graded business strikes are five MS64 examples, one PCGS and four NGC. PCGS has graded four additional coins MS63. NGC has graded none at that level. Again a few of these choice coins are probably duplicates. Population statistics are as of January, 2019.

Mintage 40,000
Proof mintage None
Mintage ranking 22nd
Finest known MS64
Known obverse dies 1
Known reverse dies 1
Known die marriages 1
Most common die marriage OC-1/ R2
Rarest die marriage OC-1/ R2
1850-O dollars exhibit good to strong strikes. Star centrals are usually well defined, but occasionally show slight weakness. Some examples show slight weakness on the upper edge of the eagleís left wing, but most strikes are stronger than the average seated dollar. High-grade business strikes are usually semi-prooflike, but with patient searching fully frosty examples can be located, as can those that are fully prooflike.

1850-O Die Marriages

A single die pair was used to strike all currently known 1850-O examples.

Die Marriage


Obverse Die

Reverse Die

Estimated Survivors

OC-1 R2 1 A 1000

1850-O Business Strike Emission Sequence

With only a single die marriage the emission sequence isn't terribly interesting.

Emission Order

Die Marriage


1 OC-1

1850-O Quick Finder Chart

With only a single die pair for the year attribution is very easy.

Die Marriage

Obv. Die

Rev. Die

Right Base
of 1

Keys to Identification

OC-1 1 A B Obverse:   Date is very slightly low, slanting VS down. Right base of 1 is B.
Reverse:   Mintmark is high and slightly left. Numerous light die lines and lumps.

Photo credits:

Obverse and reverse full photos:   PCGS MS63 CAC, ex. Gene Gardner, from the Heritage archives.

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